Sectors We Work In

Retail Packaging

We supply production packaging vacuum form tooling for the retail industry. We specialise in designing from simple box inserts to more complex packaging solutions such as: two part base and lid assemblies, two part push fit hinged formings and 3 part push fit hinged formings.



Point of Sale

Meadow work with many facets of the Point of Sale industry. We produce tools, along with batch production runs of formings used in display cosmetics. As well as larger display stands that house products or stand-alone aesthetical formings or models. 





Industrial Engineering Applications

We are involved in the production of tooling and vacuum forming for the engineering industry. Making robust yet accurate formings that are used in the industrial engineering sector.


We produce formings for the automotive industry.


We produce a wide variety of housing for electronics such as battery cases that are themselves used in a selection of industries.


Having many resources, here at Meadow we are involved in the automation and robotics industry producing cast rubber jigs, fixtures and formings to be used in conjunction with machine operated robots.

Energy Management

We are involved in the energy industry by way of checking gauges and assembly jigs, typically used in manufacture and inspection of large motor coils.


As well as vacuum forming tools, our CNC machines and experience in plastic solutions give us the capability to provide for other types of manufacture; such as rotation moulding, blow moulding and compression moulding. With the expertise to handle large projects we can produce master moulds and tooling.

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