With such a varied demand for different types of vacuum form tooling, there is no 'one size fits all'. Meadow has the capacity to meet your tooling needs from low run 'prototypes' to high volume water cooled aluminium production tooling.


We can manufacture utilising traditional craft skills of apprentice served pattern makers and engineers, or high speed CNC machine to complex CAD models. We will help select the most appropriate tooling medium for your project, dependant on considerations such as budget, production volume, type of finish and tool longevity.


We also understand that the tool brief may be anything from an informal sketch or a simple instruction based around existing products, to a well-considered and extensive computer model.


On completion, the tooling can be sampled on site, formings trimmed and evaluated for suitability.


Whatever your forming requirement, we are happy to discuss design and tooling options and offer solutions as appropriate.



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